..Ahlan Wa Sahlan..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



searching for something..

21.11.2010..my first exam..10 days left..

my mood of study have been lost..

too many things that bother my mind..i'm tired of this..

it seem like my heart is broken enough..

it is difficult to translate it into words..

only him knows what inside my heart..He is only the place where I moan..

BUT..that only YESTERDAY..

let gone by gone..

Alhamdulillah , that moments I fill with a lot of remembrance of Allah..

serenity now enveloped into my heart

its the time for me to FLY..(like my blog song say..it's time to flyMSN Onion Icon.

need to start right now!!!!

yes,I can!!!..trust myself and don't give up!! i knows i better than anyone else..ALLAH is my cReator..he knows better than i am.

ALLAH give me the test is commensurate with my abilities..

and you my friend!!!..you also must have this spirit too..
hopefully we will get the result with flying colour..
and the flood in Kedah will com much better soon..so i can go back to Sabah after final exam.Amin..
Thank You Allah.

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FareedSairi said...

bila terasa hilang, kembalilah kepadanya. mungkin terlupa nak bgtau pada diri apa yg dilakukan krn Allah :)