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Saturday, October 1, 2011

..what u give u get back..


I start my writing with the most powerful words reflecting the almighty of our creator..

today is not like my routine .. usually I'll be out as early morning and just going back to room  at 12am.

maybe yesterday in my life, at 11 pm is the time for me to sleep .. must sleep .. but not anymore at this time .. I now realize that a long time to sleep only deduct the reward that God would give me compare if I had slept little but the rest of the time I use to work for islam ..

i'm sure one day the time for me to sleep with the old in a state of calm and peace will come about as well. 

Almost in one month ..i go through my journey as a students in a year  3 in UUM..
yes I know sleep also one of ibadah but  
I tried to give what I could to help in the success of programs that are able to spread the beauty and love in islam .. I also want others to feel love and the greatness of Allah.

yesterday, my friend and I organized a program  which is “PRINCESS DAY” in the other word is siswi idaman .. the program was carried out during the day only begins at 8 am to 5 pm ..

Alhamdulillah though we only had the opportunity to find participants for two days only, but students who came in the morning is already very impressive ..
Yes there is no doubt ,over  the planning is there is too many problems  we have faced, we were almost to postpone the program, but ALLAH is the best PLANNEROnion Display Icons.

At last, this program work smoothly, and in my own opinion the slots that we provided to the participants is significance to the participants. This is also due to participants that give their very good commitment and also they were very sporting .

One thing that I’m so sure ,not only the participant feel the value in this programme but the fasilitator even got it including me..because in this programme not only the committee and fasilitator that gave something ,but also the participants..we were sharing Allah’s love along our journey.

I really hope there is something inherent in the hearts of the people involved in this program, and it will be a portion for us in the hereafter.
Immediately , following the completion of the program, I and my friends rushed to the Convocation center because we want to help take care of my friends booth.  Even though, outlets throughout the body including my eyes, was screaming asking for the rest time but I'm strongly to go there because I was afraid that I cannot help in the next day because of the others commitment
Around 11pm we decided to go back..i just realize that I didn’t bring my room’s key ,I tried to call my roommate but she didn’t answer me,I thought that she must be in our room..along the way to go back all the way back I fell asleep in the bus, my eyes feel very heavy to open fortunately I did not miss to go out of  when the bus arrived in my DPP.

When I was in front of my room,my room was locked, I tried to knock on the door at several time but no response from my roommate,then  I  also tried to call her, at last I text her.then I go down in the level 2 in my friend room,Ayuzi..i stay for a while in her room..take a rest..thanks ayuzi..sorry for disturbing your sleep..After that ,my roommate call but I can’t answer her ,it’ just like I lost my voice ,my head was spinning around Onion Display Emoticon Set and suddenly my tears flowed.

MSN Onion Display Emoticons  when I woke up in the morning..i feel that my head still spinning around,my body feel very weak and my legs feel hurt when stepped..for the whole day I didn’t go anywhere except  bathroom..fortunately,m roommate with her kindly  
willing to buy a lunch for me..thank you kak zirah..^_^.

Alhamdulillah ,what happened yesterday make myself realized how great of Allah’s love to His servantOnion Display Icon  ..even we feel sick did’nt out of our room we still can spread Allah’s love except when we death.

Allah knows ourself much better than we as well..when we leave everything to Allah..we don't need to worry..because Allah will give the best to us..just like me right now..Allah give me a whole day to rest..hihihi..alhamdulillah..it's feeling joy.

thank you Allah..

p/s:hopefully.tomorrow I will feel much better and more healthier..mohon doanya ya.
I’sorry If I use the broken English..i still learning and trying to improve my English language..^_^

“WHAT YOU GIVE,YOU GET BACK” MSN Onion Display Emoticons

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