..Ahlan Wa Sahlan..

Sunday, August 8, 2010



Today when i was in the BKAS class , we were going to learn chapter 3 and 6 which is The transaction Cycles and The application of IC..the things that suprised me is this chapter contain about 200 SLIDES!!! oh my..

After one hour..we were given 5 minutes for break coz everyone in the class was feel sleepy..me too.MySpacehuuhu..

during that time..suddenly my lecturer ask us..


"you are in the second year right??"

"Yesssssss"we were answering in a lazy voice..heee..

"are u SUFFERING??

everyone being silent..which is intend to Yes for the question..MySpace

"it's okay if u suffering now..then u will achieve a SWEET VICTORY in the future" she said together with smile..

"U know..when i'm was in the degree..that was my sweet memorial in my life..i'm also suffering..but at the end i get that victory"

"now u just study.,study SMART and HARD must get along together.MySpaceits okay if u have less time to sleep now, it is better then later when u graduate u don't have a job then u've nothing to do unless Sleep and sleep "

everyone is loughing..yes this is true..

when she said like that something was across in my mind..


i think i should applied this formulae  in my journey..

i need to suffer and sacrife many thing in order to get a SWEET VICTORY in HEREAFTER..




and all those things which is does'nt give any values and benefits to me..

My murabbi said..

"Bagi orang yang beriman dunia ini sungguh memenatkan dan bagaikan penjara buat mereka,tapi bagi orang yang cintakan dunia..dunia ni sangat menyeronokkan dan ibarat syurga bagi mereka"

"Dan kehidupan dunia ini hanya senda gurau dan permainan.dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itulah kehidupan yang sebenarnya,sekiranya mereka mengetahui"ar-rum:64

footnote: i'm still learning and try to practising english in my life..my subjects is being tougher and tougher..Ya Allah i need ur help..also my fren i need ur doa'..


syauqahwardah1209 said...

salam warahmatullah nisa..

it's interesting to read this entry which had been written in english. :)

trust me, ur english is good. :) same goes with me.. this semester is much tougher & harder than last year.

i pray for ur success, and may Allah bless u always dear..

uhibbukifillah, keep praying, keep struggling, & fight for ur own destiny. insyaAllah, He's with u..

with luv,
kak safi. <3

nisa90 said...

wslm my lovely sister..
thanks a lot..^_^ u give me that spirit..
i hope so..i can improve my english better than diz..
we must prove that muslim is the greatest mankind in diz world..we can do better than what they can do..

syukran..i owez pray 4 u too..


Me said...

good...i've been talking and remembering our friends on how important english is in term of writing and speaking. Nowadays, people always look down to us (dai'e) bcoz they claimed that we are weak in english. Keep improving ur english in writing, especially in speaking ya ukhti! May Allah bless you ^_^

nisa90 said...

to me

thanks..insyaAllah i'll try my best..